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Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive ESG and carbon reporting for growing businesses

As your business grows, so do your ESG reporting needs.


Veriport’s comprehensive ESG reporting solutions are designed for businesses that need to comply with moderate regulatory requirements and seek to expand into new markets.


Our platform offers in-depth reporting capabilities to help you navigate the complexities of ESG compliance and market expansion.


  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Comprehensive guidance and compliance options for various standards

  • Detailed tracking and reporting of ESG metrics

  • Multiple divisions and sites

  • KPIs and targets at site level

  • Options for multiple divisions, sites and users


Example use cases

Mid-sized electronics manufacturer

Regional regulatory compliance


You must comply with regional ESG reporting regulations to maintain your operating license and avoid penalties.


Veriport helps you track and report on energy usage, waste management, labour practices and GHG emissions, ensuring compliance with ESRS and other standards.


Meet regulatory requirements efficiently, avoid legal issues, and enhance your reputation with regulators and customers.

Medium-sized textile manufacturer

Preparing for export markets


You aim to expand into international markets with stringent ESG and GHG reporting requirements. This means you need to undertake a double materiality process.


Veriport enables you to align your reporting with ESRS and IFRS standards, covering environmental impact, labour conditions, and supply chain transparency. Veriport's double-materiality framework gives you the perfect start.


Gain access to new markets, comply with export regulations, and build trust with international customers.

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