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Packages & Pricing

Veriport offers two focused package options, and one consolidated option:

  • ESG and Sustainability

  • Carbon and Climate

  • Full Suite (Consolidated)

How our packages work

Follow this guide to identify a solution that works best for you. 

Do you need to manage and report on ESG and sustainability performance? Do you need to manage and report on GHG emissions?

1. Identify your needs

Determine whether you need to manage sustainability or carbon performance, or both.

2. Review package features

Compare the features of each package (below) and select the one that best meets your needs.

3. Add Power Ups as needed

Add Power-Ups to your package if you have large, complex or additional requirements. 

Compare Packages

ESG & Sustainability

Designed for organisations that want to manage and improve ESG performance and report on sustainability.

With this package:

Sustainability (EESG) Barometer

ESG focus areas and KPIs

ESG performance reports

1 X Sustainability reporting template

Reporting instructions and guidelines

Self-assessment tool for standards and frameworks

Scorecard & automated context index

Report progress dashboard

Carbon & Climate

Designed for organisations that want to measure and manage carbon emissions and climate impact.

With this package:

GHG emissions measurement engine

Select Corporate or Product Standard

Scope 1, 2, and 3

Up to 30 carbon activities

Up to 6 intensity Metrics

Up to 20 sites, projects or events

Full analysis for GHG emissions

1 X Carbon footprint reporting template

Full Suite

Our most comprehensive package combines the features in all primary packages.

With this package:

All features in the ESG & Sustainability package

All features in the Carbon & Climate package

Power Ups

Expand your package boundary, or customise your experience.

Select from:

Additional users

Additional sites

Additional carbon activities

Additional reporting templates (sustainability, carbon footprint, climate, other)

Sector templates

Additional ESG or carbon advisory

Lets Get Started


Examine the 3 package options and identify which one most suits your needs. Decide whether you may need to include any Power-Ups

Identify your preferred solution


Reach out to us to schedule a software demonstration. We will use the session to better understand your needs so that we can provide you with a quotation for the most cost-effective solution.

Request a demo and a quotation

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Review and confirm the software license contract and get ready for our personalised onboarding and coaching sessions.

Prepare to onboard

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